The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff

James 1:17   17. Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father   …

Stop & think for just a moment, what has been the best gift that you have ever received? I recently ask this question to our Elders during Bible Study and their response would most likely surprise the modern retail businesses of today. They did not mention new homes, automobiles, diamonds or gold. No electrical gadgets or devices. They did not mention any manmade or physical objects, not even worldwide travel!

Their answers were given without hesitation and they revolved around the intangible things of this life such as their relationships with family, friends, children, & yes .. Jesus.

 It was a beautiful scene at Bible Study that day. I was so proud of our elders and I wish the world could have heard their reply. It wasn’t because they didn’t know that all of these “things” exist, (the fact is that this generation has witnessed more inventions & changes than any other generation in history) but rather they simply know what “The Good Stuff” in this life is! You know, they have so much for us all to learn from.

 But then again this simply reinforces what the Bible teaches us in James 1:17. If it’s good; it came from God! Elders at Pickett Care & Rehabilitation Center, thank you for a gentle reminder to all of us during this time of the year, to keep the “The Good Stuff” the main focus of our lives.

 Mike Allen


Pickett Care & Rehabilitation Center