Have You Bumped You’re Head

Have You Bumped You’re Head?

 Have you ever bumped you’re head in public?

 Years ago as I was housecleaning around my machine, I rose up without looking up and I hit my head on the corner of a solid metal box. As I tried to recover, I checked my head for blood only to find a knot quickly rising. The remarkable thing about this small ingenious moment was that my first reaction wasn’t to check my head but rather it was to look around to see if anyone had witnessed my most exemplary moment of coordination. As I look back at that enlightening event I realize that I valued my pride more than my head.

The other day it happened again but it was a spiritual bump on the head.  As I was helping load one of our very sweet residents in our van she was just whistling & smiling as she often does. I complimented her on sharing her sunshine with me then she quickly replied, “I’ve always been like this, I mean I’m happy  …  why not.”

So, the other day instead of looking around to see if anyone witnessed my spiritual bump on the head, I simply whispered … “Lord help me to be more like” … “I’m happy  …  why not.”

Mike Allen