Circling the Tree

“Circling the Tree”                           

Psalm 123:1-2  1. I lift my eyes to you, O God, enthroned in heaven. 2. We keep looking to the Lord our God for his mercy, just as servants keep their eyes on their master …

My father was an ole country preacher and I used to hear him say “Sometimes we are guilty as the hog underneath the oak tree that eats acorns all day long and never bothers to look up and see where the nuts are coming from!”

It is said about this passage that when the psalmist lifted up his eyes he must have had a couple of things on his mind. First of all, travelers on mountains would need protection; the walk was treacherous. Bandits behind the rocks, wild beasts and the harsh elements were all a real threat. You see Jerusalem was built on a hill. There is no doubt when travelers started on their journey toward Jerusalem they would have most likely looked toward the hills and wondered where their help and protection would come from.

Perhaps David had forgotten where his help had come from in the past and began to run from his problems. Can you just imagine as the Lord must have reminded him of those times when he had helped him slay a giant with the sling shot; slay a lion and a hyena with his hands! All because he had looked up and depended upon the Lord!

Let us not circle the oak tree over & over with our heads to the ground, but let us look up to the Lord our God from where our help truly comes from.

Mike Allen