Pickett care and Rehab hosted a Hall of Fame Café

The purpose of the Hall of Fame program is to recognize the outstanding accomplishments and experiences of the center’s residents. Employees, volunteers, and community members are also honored for their contributions to the home and society as a whole.

This year’s honorees for Pickett Care and Rehabilitation Center were:

  • Outstanding staff member Betsy Mullins
  • Resident Mary Deisenroth
  • Community member Bill McQuestion

“We stand to learn so much from the lives of our residents, and we would be remiss not to share these stories with as many people as possible,” said Administrator/CEO Jeff Amonett. “We’re proud to celebrate the accomplishments of these individuals, and we’re grateful to the community for supporting this event.”

Pickett Care and Rehab is one of 123 locations operated by Louisville, Kentucky-based Signature HealthCARE. Launched in 2003, the Hall of Fame event is hosted annually by each Signature home at different times throughout the year. In recent years, Signature has taken a different approach by having each center host its Hall of Fame ceremony on the same day, creating a synchronized, company-wide event.

“Our residents have given so much to their hometowns and our nation, and these contributions deserve to be celebrated,” said Signature President and CEO Joe Steier. “The Hall of Fame Café induction ceremonies are a small way for us to say ‘thank you.’ ”